Tanja Meece

Pedro Nunes

ACLU of Mississippi

The ACLU of Mississippi is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting, defending and extending civil liberties to all Mississippians.


David Milberg is an investor and entrepreneur from New York City. Milberg has a passion for theater, specifically musical comedy. He is a board member of the Princeton University Triangle Club. Milberg has performed several shows in Princeton's Triangle Club when he was younger. He also has participated in other activities in the club and contributed to some of their achievements. Besides musical theater, Milberg is a huge fan of the Yankees and the Mets. He loves food, pastries, and coffee. He currently lives in NYC on the Upper East Side with his 3 children.

Alex Martin

Journalism Student at Northeastern University

John McFall

It's me.

Coe Douglas

Writer of many fictions. Managing Editor at @BridgeEightMag. Co-founder, Abridged Reading Series. Bibliophile. Imagination junky. θέλημα | Ⓥ | Ⓐ

Elizabeth Press

Mediamaker; raised on @democracynow Interests: media activism, biking, sewing.

Mich De L'Orme

Damien Willis

Education and general assignment journalist for the Las Cruces Sun-News. Former radio Program Director/Music Director/PM Drive Host. Entertainment/Pop Culture Columnist for "Pulse."


Muzaffaruddin Alvi

Dedicated, conscientious and ambitious with qualification of Corporate Secretaries. Looking for new challenge/opportunities.

Hendrik Haßel

Mitbegründer von @AE_Germany - Pressesprecher - Es gibt nichts Gutes außer: Wir tun es. Denkt und schreibt hier auch privat.

mama bear and science education zealot, living one moment at a time

Marjay Hignite