Joe Hegyi 3rd

Whovian, fan of history and sci-fi, secular humanist, and atheist.

Sage Aaron

Dan Goldman

Brian Cortner

Old soldier, freethinker, skeptic, traveler

Nathaniel Rose

Eric Warwick

I am an unabashed leftist*, Autistic, Bisexual, Agender Jew. (The name's from #StopAbleism2015 #StopSB5269

Injun Joe

Just an alien through and through. Trying to make believe I'm you.

Lee Meade

Tennis, Golf, Soccer, London, New York, Politics, History.

Gabriel Machabanski

Chicagoan and Pan-american, writer, planner and occasional mover and shaker.

Beverly Yuen Thompson

I am an academic (Women's Studies & Sociology) with an eclectic array of interests, mostly around activism and subcultures. I make documentary videos on political and subcultural topics. I am interested in capturing the processes of justice for socially significant political movements-as well as the vivid flavor of underground cultures.

Bill Hendricks

Sports fan. Gardener. CEO & Co-founder of @CommonForm.

Trey Foerster

Tom Marcinko

Freelance journo; progressive; politics/SF/fiction/history/science/music geek; father, husband, PA expat in AZ, INTP, standing on the cast-iron shore, yeah.


Leo Eris

dividual individual ... the prima materia, the caput corvi, the nigredo; as dragon he devours himself and as dragon he dies, to rise again in the lapis. -Jung