What do Leesville Students do on Snow Days?

Practically everyone loves a good snow day, whether you spend it sledding, sitting by a warm fire, or binge-watching six seasons of a show on Netflix. Here are what some Leesville students like to do when schools are shuttered due to wintry weather.

  1. We all know what the Wake County Public School System likes to do on snow days: backsass students on Twitter.
  2. However, the question arises: What do Leesville Road High School students like to do when they're snowed out from school?
  3. Kayla Fortson said that "On snow days, honestly, I like to just have coffee and watch Netflix. The only time I would actually go out is to look at the snow"

  4. Alex Balla told the Mycenaean that on snow days "I usually try to hang out with friends, but when they can't come over I usually just chill, and play video games and whatnot... sleep in obviously. It's just a day to relax."

  5. Taylor Trice said that she likes "stay home, sit on the couch and watch Netflix." She also likes to "go to her friend's house around the corner."

  6. "On snow days I definitely like to sleep in." said Abigail Aldrich. "Once I finally decide to get up, I go for a run, because I know that I'm gonna be eating a lot later in the day so I have to make sure I stay I fit...then I'll probably make myself food, like a lot of it." On the snow day on February 15, she "sat on the couch and watched Bob's Burgers and babysat and made money."

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