RBD Speaker Series ~ Chris Pottage

Humber's Radio Broadcasting class welcomes Chris Pottage, Imaging/Creative Director for Rogers' Toronto radio stations


  1. Couldn't have said it any better, Sam.
  2. Wednesday March 9th, Radio Humber welcomed Chris Pottage to our humble Humber campus as a part of RBD's "Speaker Series". This series has proven to be a great addition to our 50,000 watts of education; each guest teaches us different lessons they've learned throughout their career.
  3. Chris was excited too, and began his tails of radio adventure before Adrianna had a chance to introduce him!
  4. Chris Pottage began his broadcasting career as a high school student in Kitchener, where he and a few friends produced a small TV program. Following high school, he attended broadcasting classes at Ryerson University, and landed a job at Q107 where he got more comfortable in the studio.
  5. "Do those things that terrify you."

  6. Perhaps the greatest takeaway from this class was Chris describing how he felt when he was trying something new. I imagine at some point we've all felt overwhelmed and unsure of what we're doing-- at any job, really. While working at CISS Country (now known as KISS 92.5), he began producing live-on-the-floor recordings of bands that come in for performances. As Chris said, the task seemed intimidating. "Sweat was just dripping from my chin. [...] It really was the worst experience of my life."
  7. His tune changed a few months later.
  8. "I live for music performances now. [...] Once I got comfortable, it's like, 'Okay, at least I'm not ruining your music anymore.'"

  9. Mr Pottage, if you're reading, you should write a book. It's difficult to narrow down the good quotes you left with us, so here's a few that really stuck out.
  10. “Have an awesome attitude. Do what scares you. [...] Take criticism, no matter how 'critical' it may be."

  11. “When you arrive at a radio station, be humble. Learn from everyone you meet. [...] You can’t afford to have a big ego.”

  12. "There are lots of voices out there." [...] "College students with professional voices really stand out."

  13. Towards the end of the panel, Anthony "I'm Batman!" Ibrahim asked, "If you were a superhero, which superpower would you have?" If you don't know Anthony or Chris, I can understand how incredibly cliché this may sound. But his answer was perfect. "It would have to be a super attitude."
  14. It was a pleasure to welcome Rogers' own Chris Pottage to the class. It's difficult to compress a career of lessons and experiences into a one hour Q&A, yet he did it with ease.
  15. Success: "Great work ethic, a great attitude, and a lot of luck." ~ Chris Pottage