Music Hack Day Scotland

24 hours of pure music hackery during the Edinburgh Festival.

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  1. Music Hack Day Scotland brought musicians, developers, designers and creatives together from as far as New York, Paris and Amsterdam to make innovative music projects in 24 hours. 
  2. It was organised by the Scottish Music Industry AssociationLeith Records and Lucky Frame, and partnered with the Turing Festival
  3. Here's what happened...

  5. It all kicked off in Summerhall with a feast of inspirational speakers to pave the way for things to come, and show off some of the amazing things happening in music technology to Scotland's wider music, media and technology industry. It was generously sponsored by Deezer
  6. First up was Yann Seznec from Lucky Frame, who showed how recordings from a pig could be artfully played using string tensors. 
  7. Yann Seznec @ Launch Party
  8. Following Yann came FOUND, talking about everything from their Bafta-winning Cybraphon, to their recent #UNRAVEL show with Aidan Moffat, and their forthcoming app Great Circle.
  9. Next up was local Marco Donnarumma officially launching his instrument Xth Sense, using sense pads and body movements to make atmospheric soundscapes.
  10. Marco Donnarumma @ Launch Party
  11. Patrick Bergel then took the stage to show how media and data can now be sent from one device to another, with just a sound, using his app Chirp
  12. Patrick Bergel @ Launch Party
  13. And finally Matthew Herbert gave a thoughtful examination of the very nature of sound and music, and our relationship with noise. This makes it sound heavy - it wasn't. It had everyone in the room engrossed. 
  14. Matthew Herbert @ Launch Party