Wine in Grocery Stores: Ballot has been passed, but how will it affect local stores?

On November 4, 2014 Tennessee citizens where able to vote for this year's election which included the 1-4 Amendments. Citizens voted yes for all 4 Amendments including the abortion amendment. Wine in grocery stores also was a yes for Tennessee making local businesses nervous.


  1. The referendum for wine in grocery stores will be in affect starting July 2016. giving local businesses time to prepare for the future changes of their revenue. Grocery stores and liquor stores will start selling wine in 2016 benefiting customers while they shop. While many Tennesseans were for this, alot of citizens are still puzzled on why people voted the way that they did. Some customers feel like they already give enough money to grocery stores now. So they feel like they do not deserve anymore of their money. They feel they will rather give it local bussiness man and support them.
  2. Even with petitions for people to vote against the wine bill citizens still vote for the wine.
  3. The voting place I attended at Cherokee Library.