Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has suddenly become a divisive issue. Although the vast majority of Americans (81 percent in a recent poll) oppose the idea of Internet fast lanes, the issue is still in the middle of a heated debate.

  1. net neutrality... to the power of you
    net neutrality... to the power of you
  2. President Barack Obama has issued a statement urging the FCC to adopt strong Net Neutrality guidelines.
  3. Net Neutrality is the De Facto Standard of the Web
    Net Neutrality is the De Facto Standard of the Web
  4. But Net Neutrality is a complicated issue. Very complicated. Even the President's announcement needed a breakdown of what it meant.
  5. Vox has broken down many of the aspects of the Net Neutrality debate, including whose lobbying efforts have either been in favor of, or against Net Neutrality.
  6. Vox also broke down just how much has been spent by each side in lobbying for and against Net Neutrality.
  7. In the midst of this debate, there is one question that seems to plague many Americans: What is Net Neutrality? It's a complicated issue that many have tried to explain.
  8. What is "Net Neutrality?"
  9. What is Net Neutrality In 60 seconds
  10. Even comedy site Funny or Die got involved having porn stars explain how Net Neutrality worked.
  11. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality (HBO)
  12. And although most people support Net Neutrality, its main detractor is Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.
  13. His strong opinion on Net Neutrality garnered an excess of disagreement from a wide variety of sources. The online webcomic The Oatmeal weighed in, once again attempting to explain how Net Neutrality works and how it effects Americans.
  14. Cruz received considerable backlash from Democrats and Republicans, but tech folk launched an all out assault.
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