The #MyHungerGames movement tells brave stories of economic inequality and adversity.

While big media outlets run with the love triangle and celebrity gossip angle, fans are using the Mockingjay premiere to take back the narrative.


  1. As part of our Odds In Our Favor campaign, we asked people to talk about how economic inequality affected their lives using the #MyHungerGames tag. Economic inequality knows no bounds, affecting innumerable people and affected by innumerable factors. Suzanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games as social commentary, and these parallels make it clear that she was certainly on to something.
  2. Thousands have shared their stories already, fighting against the culture of silence surrounding these topics.
  3. Fight for Fifteen and #StrikeFastFood

  4. Fight for Fifteen organized nationwide actions culminating in strikes and protests on Thursday, December 4th. Many locations used the three-finger salute as a symbol of empowerment and solidarity.