FP Social Report: September 4 - September 8

Summary of the most influential tweets & tweeted-about content this week.



    Most RT'ed FP article: Shoutout to Justine Drennan for getting the most pickup this week with her piece about the new Ice Bucket Challenge, the #BurnIsisFlagChallenge; 546 RT's and almost 4K shares!
  2. Humanitarian aid organization 'Doctors without Borders' picked up Ty McCormick's piece on the reality and danger that medical personnel are currently dealing with in South Sudan:

  3. Secretary Albright gave her own piece in FP on NATO a little push:

  4. Laurie Garrett's ebola piece picked up a significant amount of traffic this week from a number of top influencers:

  5. Nonprofit and humanitarian aid organization CARE:
  6. ABC News Chief Medical Editor:
  7. Health Columnist, The Globe and Mail:
  8. Executive Director, Doctor's Without Borders, Canada:
  9. UN Foundation:
  10. Sen. Jim Inhofe's press office gave a nudge to his op-ed in FP this week:

  11. Alec Luhn's piece 'Anatomy of a Bloodbath' got some great shout outs this week as well:

  12. Moscow correspondent, The Guardian:
  13. Moscow correspondent, Telegraph: