FP Social Report: May 30 - June 2

Summary of the most influential tweets & tweeted-about content this week.



    Most RT'ed FP article: FP's Daniel Altman created quite the buzz with his BPI analysis and infographics on the best countries to invest in (2014). He got some great shout outs from members of various governments, ambassadors, and state activists. See some highlights below.
  2. Surrounding FP's release (by Daniel Altman) of this year's BPI, a number of prominent influencers from some of the highlighted states chimed in and shared Altman's piece:
  3. Chairman of Mongolian Parliament:
  4. Where to Invest Around the World, 2014 Edition t.co/r9NacnPTl4 2014 онд Монгол улс хөрөнгө оруулахад хамгийн тааламжтай улсын 1.
  5. Africa Director, Human Rights Watch:
  6. #Ethiopia & #DRC joined BPI with good marks for foreign investment t.co/ig8uRvmjsA
  7. Swedish Ambassador Björn Lyrvall shared the 2013 edition of FP's Failed States Index:
  8. Check out @ForeignPolicy 2013 Failed States Index. Link to Interactive Map. t.co/HzCD9IY7y1
  9. One of FP's 2013 Global Thinkers, Erica Chenoweth, applauded USIP's Kristin Lord's piece on the great importance of preventing the escalation of global violence: 
  10. Nicely done, @kristin_lord! MT @USIP "We need stronger and more effective instruments of nonviolent power" t.co/Hp9pfKozhB
  11. American actress and activist Morgan Fairchild pushed Shane Harris' piece on the recent confusion surrounding spies' guidelines for speaking with journalists:
  12. Spies Say They're Confused and Outraged by Restrictions on Talking to Journalists t.co/dbn1A2zdY3 cc: @NadaBakos @ValeriePlame
  13. Prominent American publisher W. W. Norton promoted Ricks' recent blog post on David Igantius' latest book:
  14. A post-Snowden CIA spy thriller. In @ForeignPolicy, Thomas Ricks reviews @IgnatiusPost's latest, The Director: t.co/z6PMulqlfr
  15. Additional social highlights from fellow members of the media:

  16. Columnist, The Washington Post & Slate:
  17. statistically speaking, autocrats are in trouble @FP_DemLab t.co/DUMTXBqew1
  18. Executive Editor, The Daily Beast:
  19. Creepy Photos Surface of First American Suicide Bomber in Syria t.co/dhOFM5t4uC nice one, @John_Hudson
  20. Foreign Editor, ABC News:
  21. Senior Presenter, 101 East (Al Jazeera's Asia News & Current Affairs Show)
  22. A disheartening look at this year's list of Failed States. Many you would expect and some surprises. t.co/GDINp6I5aX