FP Social Report: May 23 - May 26

Summary of the most influential tweets & tweeted-about content this week.



    Most RT'ed FP article: Kudos to FP's Catherine Traywick for rounding up the most RT's on her article and first-ever junta name generator: 
  2. Indian Parliament member (Lok Sabha) Anurag Thakur compliments FP's infographics piece on the mapping of protests around the world, reacting to various world events:
  3. An insightful infographic tht maps protests world over since 1979, notice how they increase frm late-1990's t.co/zSBjZC1JH8
  4. FP's Prachi Vidwans' piece Girls Deserve Better - And Not Just in Nigeria was given a positive push by women's rights organization The Global Fund for Women:
  5. Science writer and New York Times columnist Carl Zimmer shared FP's piece on the catastrophic and deadly flooding in Bosnia:
  6. An extra trouble when floods strike an ex-war zone: Bosnia now has thousands of unearthed land mines. t.co/5zv7sChLY7
  7. Human Rights Watch pushed and republished FP's piece on the ruthless death squads that are killing children, drug dealers and thieves:
  8. The Embassy of Egypt republished an excerpt of Dov Zakheim's piece in FP on their official embassy site:
  9. .@ForeignPolicy: Why #Egypt's Elections Are a Chance for the United States to Hit Reset t.co/gx9MXqhcxA
  10. Pew Research Center picked up FP's article on Egypt's elections and al-Sisi's challenges in a deeply divided nation: 
  11. If elected, al-Sisi will be taking helm of deeply divided nation - @RichardWike analysis for @ForeignPolicy t.co/gYKIUdgbuY
  12. Additional social highlights from fellow members of the media:

  13. Saudi Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal
  14. Wondering what to call your hastily assembled military government? @foreignpolicy’s junta name generator here to help t.co/ON4NG8TOXv
  15. Reporter, Al Jazeera:
  16. Foreign Editor, ABC News:
  17. Obama on defensive over foreign policy. @aarondmiller2: "unlike good scotch, view may not improve over time." t.co/5skGGzmTv2
  18. Reporter, Al Monitor:
  19. Good article on Egypt's other candidate t.co/YbBp0pzI3t
  20. Congressional Reporter, Reuters: