FP Social Report: July 15 - July 17

Summary of the most influential tweets & tweeted-about content this week.


  1. Most RT'ed FP article: 400+ RT's - despite the somber circumstances, a pat on the back to all FP staff is deserved for their live updates and blogging on the latest developments for MH17:
  2. Continued highlights on Twitter for FP's coverage of MH17 and Weiss' recent piece on Russia firing missiles into Ukraine:

  3. U.S. European Command:
  4. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia:
  5. President, Brookings Institution:
  6. Foreign Correspondent, NBC News:
  7. Columnist, The Washington Post and Slate:
  8. Editor, Kyiv Post:
  9. International Editor, NPR:
  10. Kyiv correspondent, France 24:
  11. Research Associate, Pew Research:
  12. Amid the current situation in Gaza and this week's activities, Mark Perry's piece on Israel and Hamas gained a lot of recognition from some top influencers:

  13. Senior International Correspondent, CNN: