FP Social Report: July 11 - July 14

Summary of the most influential tweets & tweeted-about content this week.



    Most RT'ed FP article: Props to FP's Reid Standish who takes the cake this week for most RT's on his piece on megapolises - 230 RT's and counting!
  2. A number of FP articles received a lot of clout and recognition this week from various influencers. Below are the highlights:

  3. Laurie Garrett's piece on the concerns of current biosafety sure 'scared' a number of high profile influencers who shared her article:
  4. NOVA (PBS program):
  5. Newsweek: 
  6. Actress and activist Morgan Fairchild:
  7. Deputy Managing Editor, NPR News:
  8. Health columnist, The Globe and Mail:
  9. Senior Editor, FOX Business:
  10. Shout out to FP's Hanna Kozlowska for catching the attention of the UN Women's official Twitter account for her piece on women Syrian refugees:
  11. Christiane Badgley's investigative piece on the international investment business in Cameroon sparked the interest of some high profilers, including Greenpeace (who has 1.1M followers!):
  12. Executive Director, Greenpeace International:
  13. Big Money enterprise reporter, CNBC: