FP Social Report: August 26 - September 2

Summary of the most influential tweets & tweeted-about content this week.



    Most RT'ed FP article: Without much competition, Jenan Moussa and Harald Doornbos's exclusive piece for FP climbed the ladder this week with the most RT's - and currently over 23K shares! Not to mention the dozens of media hits and mentions...safe to say this story went viral:
  2. Going along with the most RT's and shares, Doornbos and Moussa's epic yet extremely scary story was picked up and shared by thousands on Twitter - here are some of the highlights:

  3. Correspondent and Anchor, CNN:
  4. National Correspondent, The Atlantic:
  5. Chief Political Anchor, Fox News:
  6. Middle East Correpondent, The New York Times:
  7. Contributor, Daily Beast//Analyst, CNN:
  8. Foreign Correspondent, The New York Times:
  9. Editor in Chief, Circa:
  10. National Reporter, The Los Angeles Times:
  11. Jordan Correspondent, The Times of London:
  12. Remembering the brilliant and fearless journalist Steven Sotloff:

  13. Deputy Spokesperson, The State Department: