Some Leagues Have An Offensive Line Position, How Do You Feel About This? An Expert Opinion Poll

The good thing about fantasy leagues are that there are so many variations, if you can dream it up then there is likely a league that caters to that dream. The two most common variations of leagues are standard with team defenses and IDP leagues which stands for individual defensive players in which defensive players are drafted just as offensive players are. A new variation has sprung up lately in which teams draft a team offensive line. We asked our experts what they thought about this new addition to the fantasy football family of styles.


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  2. Today's expert is TheWaiverHounds, an account run by Jim. Jim has been playing fantasy football for 15 years and is part of the longest running fantasy football show on YouTube, The Waiver Hounds.
  3. The Ghost Speaks

  4. I've played in leagues that require that you start an offensive line and it was not a pleasant experience. The people were all nice enough but offensive line killed the experience for me. Even on an amazing day the line would only score a fraction of the points of even your lowest starter. More often than not the offensive line position would actually score negative points. It became an exercise in frustration and ultimately led me to abandon the leagues at the end of the season. It's now a format I solidly avoid.