International Museum Mashup Day!

A summary of museum adventures undertaken worldwide and online on September 28, 2016! Our next Mashup will be held on February 9, 2017!


  1. On September 28, 2016, museums across the United States and in Europe participated in #MuseumMashup Day, an opportunity for experimentation, risk-taking, and play in museums and with museum collections.
  2. While The Engaging Educator does not own #MuseumMashup, we are enthusiastic stewards of the event. The Museum Mashup started at NAEA in 2015 as an attempt to shake up traditional conference lecture sessions. Museum educators Mike Murawski, Rachel Ropeik, Debbie Randolph and our founder, Jen Brown (Oleniczak), collaborated with the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and brave participants for the first Mashup. Experimenters arrived, and were randomly assigned into groups of three and headed to their randomly assigned object in the museum. They had 45 minutes to develop a 5-7 minute experience around their work that would be presented and activated with the full group. The participants were asked to take a risk, create something new and not to teach – our focus was on experience and the possibility of failure. Since then, many museums have held their own Mashups, and we decided to raise the profile of an event we love by inviting many museums to participate on the same day. The first #MuseumMashup day was held February 4, 2016. The second, which expanded to 40 on-site and online participating institutions, was September 28. Our next event is already being planned for February 9, 2017, and interested institutions can sign up with this form!
  3. Wondering how a #MuseumMashup works? The key is to customize it to your museum and the people who will be participating. Here's a handy flowchart:
  4. And now, onto the tweets! We asked participants to use the hashtag #MuseumMashup so we could follow their adventures and experiments in museums and interpretation.
  5. The Early Adopters: The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!

  6. Some museums were not able to host events on 9/28, so instead chose to convene earlier or later than the official day-of. One of those museums, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, kicked off this round of Museum Mashup-ing on Saturday, 9/24, with a packrat-themed Mashup for adults and kids alike!

  7. Europe gets a head start!

  8. Thanks to time zones and the rotation of the Earth (gee, thanks, Earth), European museums were the first participants in the #MuseumMashup on 9/28 itself! Those of us on the EE staff woke up to a lively stream of tweets from our European friends.
  9. Some museums were hosting in-person Mashups.
  10. The Ancient House Museum hosted a meeting of its Teenage History Club in honor of the event.