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Sports on Earth "Restructuring"

The gutting of a good sports website.


  1. On Tuesday morning, the news broke that Gannett, which owns USA Today and a host of other newspaper and broadcasting properties, was spinning off into two separate companies: one with the lucrative broadcasting properties, and the other with the not-so-lucrative print properties. 

  2. Word trickled out that Sports on Earth, a site 50% owned by USA Today Sports Media Group and 50% by MLB Advanced Media, was one of the casualties in the restructuring. 

  3. I spoke with a USA Today Sports Media Group spokesperson, who told me that wasn't quite accurate. 
  4. With rumors continuing to trickle out, Sports on Earth senior editor Will Letich sought to quell the storm.
  5. That worked for a couple of hours...until the bloodbath of layoffs began.