#MCN2016: A Human-Centered Conference

The 2016 Museum Computer Network conference ran from November 1-4 in New Orleans, and it was an immensely inspiring and affirming place to be. Especially in light of Donald Trump's election several days later, the community connection and support during this gathering was truly precious.


  1. DAY 1 (November 1, 2016)

  2. I started my conference with the workshop Experiencing the Visitor Experience in which Kate Haley-Goldman, Bruce Wyman, and Ed Rodley led a group of us through the National WWII Museum thinking about what visitors encounter.
    It was a session based around empathy, really. While we museum professionals think about plans for the visitor experience we want people to have, often that gets muddled during the design process. This was our chance to put ourselves in visitors' shoes and then to talk over how we all felt, both among the group and with NWWII Museum staff.
  3. Merchant marine required reading or general self help counsel?
#itweetmuseums #MCN2016 #nola #igersneworleans
    Merchant marine required reading or general self help counsel? #itweetmuseums #MCN2016 #nola #igersneworleans
  4. After a thoughtful afternoon of museum critique with smart people, it was off to Ignite talks at the NOLA House of Blues.
  5. MCN2016: Ignite by Nik Honeysett
  6. MCN2016: Ignite by Cait Riezman
  7. MCN2016: Ignite by David Newbury
  8. MCN2016: Ignite by Christine Murray
  9. MCN2016: Ignite by Gavin Mallory
  10. MCN 2016 Ignite by Lesley Kadish