What if you had a remarkable, time-sensitive idea to improve the U.S. government?

We do. We are The 2012 Project, a national, nonpartisan campaign to inspire women to run for state legislatures and Congress. 2012 is a once in 20 year opportunity to boost the low number of women in office, but only if women run.


  1. Seriously America?  Listen to Aisha Tyler!
  2. The 2012 Project PSA with Aisha Tyler
  3. Candidates, thinking of filing? Head now to The 2012 Project at the2012project.us
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  5. We've started state coalitions in a dozen states including Texas, Washington, Georgia and Nevada.
  6. People are noticing.
  7. Updated - News from Texas:
  8. Washington state:
  9. Georgia:
  10. Western Pennsylvania:
  11. The need is urgent: