Vivienne's Reception

Here's what people have been saying about Vivienne


  1. The summer run started at the Tete a Tete Opera Festival. It's lovely to have the support of other artists...
  2. ... and even better to hear from those who come simply out of interest
  3. On Friday morning we heard of the first official review which came in the Evening Standard
  4. A  5* notice is obviously a lovely surprise! Moreover , it's a real relief after having put so much work into the project.

    Then, shortly before the second performance we got news of a positive appearance in Robert Hugill's comprehensive music blog
  5. The second evening attracted a number of friends and colleagues who were nice enough to Tweet their support
  6. Matthew Rees also Tweeted his first impressions, following up with this blogpost
  7. "... What lifted [Vivienne] to the exceptional was the performance by Clare McCaldin who sang and acted with such grace, beauty, humour and despair."
  8. Following the second performance, we read this comment on Twitter from the classical music critic of The New Statesman, Alexandra Coghlan (review yet to be published)
  9. After the weekend One Stop Arts offered a detailed, 4* write-up
  10. "It's rare that a one-woman show can be so clever and funny"
  11. Vivienne then transferred to The Forge, Camden, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival and seemed to go down just as well
  12. With further long-form reviews