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The Kickstarter That Was, Then Wasn't

Not long after an author launched her Kickstarter, she cancelled it - still a long way from reaching the target amount.


  1. The Kickstarter was launched on Jan 4 2015:
  2. It attracted pledges early on:
  3. The author sounded enthusiastic on the Kickstarter page:

    I never intended PRINCESS OF THORNS to be a stand alone novel. There are so many horrible wonderful exciting awful things getting ready to happen to our heroes and heroines--ogres coming from across the Winter Sea to take back the city, an evil father plotting to kill the lone son to escape his curse, a sister trying to free her brothers from their feathers, while finding true love along the way...

    And of course ROMANCE and FIGHTING and MAGIC and some unexpected twists and turns. Basically, I am so into Aurora and Niklaas and I would love to write you another story about their continuing adventures. I hope we can make that happen together!

    She pre-empted important questions:

    To be blunt, my sales have not been strong enough for a traditional publisher to take a chance on a sequel. But where they need to sell tens of thousands of books to consider a book a success, with self-publishing, I only need about 1000 excited readers to give this project the go ahead. I simply want to cover my expenses writing books I love for excited readers like you.

    But this part raised eyebrows:

    LET'S TALK MONEY: Why 10,500 you ask? 5% will go to cover the Kickstarter funding fee, then 2-3 thousand will go to cover editorial expenses and cover design. The remaining 7 thousand will be enough to cover mortgage, groceries, and gas for my family during the three months it will take me to write the book. This number is still less than half of what I was paid to write PRINCESS for my former publisher. But I'm not trying get rich. I just want to be able to finish this story, a story I love, and continue to write Young Adult stories for you.
  4. That $7000 sparked discussion:
  5. Some suggested Patreon would be a better-suited fundraising service than Kickstarter:
  6. It seemed the author had plans for the future:

    I hope the bonuses included in the $10 package will help you feel like you're getting your money's worth, but as BONUS, if we exceed our goal and make it to $15,000.00, every $10 donor will also receive a free download of the first four installments in the newly revised Megan Berry Zombie Settler series, which will be re-releasing as a serial romance in 2015 ($6 value).

    She seemed to be selling "well" under another name:

    But I've been a full time writer for nearly a decade under various pen names. In the past year, I've self-published ten romance novels under yet ANOTHER pen name, all of which have sold well and have been well-received by reviewers.
  7. But something sounded odd in the $20-or-more pledge section:

    if you're a blogger, I will be happy to provide you with bonus content for your blog (interview, exclusive excerpt, shameful story from my childhood, etc.)
  8. The timing was...early: