Depend upon genuine! Android Emulation Can't Test Everything


  1. You'll find great things that can out of testing just emulation. Emulation allows for testing your app for several different screen sizes, memory conditions, and other conditions that you most likely couldn't test for unless you purchased that device. Nonetheless it are only able to go to date.

    Manufacturers like Bluestacks and Genymotion are perfect for the day to day functional testing and regression testing which goes on inside the testing world. However, many might think this can be all you could really need on your testing needs. Just a couple of phones and emulation and you'll have zero problems with your phone's compatibility.

    Sadly, this isn't the solution. You'll find lots of phones with different hardware, chipsets, memory, and also other stuff that could break your game or app. When games or apps are buggy, users will no longer give you emails concerning the bugs, they either tell individuals the reviews or simply plain uninstall your game with no response why. - mobile game functional testing

    We've within our experience that you have a place and time for everything in your mobile development cycle. TestBird is obviously here to help you within your final stages of compatibility and functionality testing. We would like to make sure your game can endure the various devices on the earth and are avalable out battle worn and prepared for release without any bugs and definitely nothing that crashes or freezes your app.

    If something like this does surface, we can also assist you with the comprehensive state that lets you know exactly what happened which enable it to show you approaches to better optimize your game. Check out the online reporting too for second-by-second reports at the same time.

    If you believe you will need the assistance of over 1,000 devices within our labs, e-mail us or start up a free demo test by clicking on the button at the pinnacle. - free trial to test mobile game