Treating Tennis Elbow: Does R.I.C.E. + Rest = Rust?

Tennis Elbow sufferers are often told, “You should rest it!” – But this may not be the most sensible treatment advice after all – at least not absolutely. Allen Willette of explains why rest isn't necessarily best in this Storify story, video and podcast.


  1. True Tennis Elbow is rarelya traumatic, ‘Acute’ injury that would benefit from being treated by any part of theR.I.C.E. protocol (Rest, Ice, Etc.) It’s typically a degenerative condition known as ‘Tendinosis,’ which requires a completely different approach.
  2. Tennis Elbow Treatment: Forget Resting - Rest Is RUST In Treating Tennis Elbow
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  4. Unfortunately, tendons don'tnecessarily just heal themselves nicely while we're resting, hoping and waiting. They’renotorious for not healing – no matter how much we “rest” them.

    Dr. Nirschl,a leader in Tennis Elbow research and surgical treatment is emphatic that “Absoluterest is RUST”
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