How Long Does It Take To Recover From Tennis Elbow?

Why is it that some Tennis Elbow injuries take mere weeks to heal, while others take months – or even years to fully recover from? Allen Willette, from Tennis Elbow Classroom tackles this challenging question.


  1. Tennis Elbow Healing And Recovery Time
    Tennis Elbow Healing And Recovery Time
  2. Is there even such a thing as a "typical" recovery time for Tennis Elbow in the first place? This video explains why it's all over the map - and why you can't rely on "average recovery times!"
  3. Tennis Elbow Healing: What's Taking So Long?
  4. The podcast version can be downloaded at SoundCloud and played later if you prefer this format:
  5. A brief search of authoritative medical sites, such as Web-MD, reveals a wide range of time frames, and no definitive answer.
  6. Depending on who you ask, Tennis Elbow takes between 1-3 months and 2 PLUS years to recover from, and might be a "self-limiting condition" - Really?
  7. WebMD claims the healing time for Tennis Elbow is 6-12 months: "The injury does take from 6 months to 12 months to heal. Patience helps."
  8. This is echoed by, (which seems to be pulling data from WebMD, since they also add that "Patience helps." which is not terribly helpful.)
  9. repeats the oft-heard: "Tennis elbow is a self-limiting condition." and states that the average duration of an episode is "about six months to TWO years, but most patients (89%) recover within one year." but that, unfortunately, "5-10% do not resolve and may require further treatment such as surgery."
  10. There's no doubt the recovery time for Tennis Elbow is extremely variable. It has a lot to do with how slowly and unpredictably tendons tend to heal. Here's my full article with a second, longer video - and a potential solution: