Do Golfers Suffer Tennis Elbow?

Golf-oriented websites and medical studies seem to agree that golfers not only get Tennis Elbow frequently, they actually get injured by it more often than Golfer's Elbow.


  1. For the most comprehensive look at this question - including my explanation of why golfers suffer this injury more than Golfer's Elbow, here's my latest post:
  2. Golf-Related Websites On Golf Injuries

    Here are several quotes from golf magazine sites that support the claim that Golfer's Elbow is actually the less common injury:
  3. "Tennis Elbow is actually more common among golfers than Golfer's Elbow."
    10 Injuries Most Commonly Suffered by Golfers -
  4. "Interestingly enough, most golfers suffer more from “Tennis Elbow” than “Golfer’s Elbow"
    10 Common Golf Injuries Golf Fitness Magazine - GolfChannel
  5. "...this is called “Golfer’s Elbow," but is actually less frequently seen in the golfer than Tennis Elbow."
    Why Is Tennis Elbow A Common Golf Injury - GolfTips.GolfSmith
  6. He may not be the most famous golfer in the world, but just as an example of a pro golfer with Tennis Elbow, here's a story about Jyoti Randhawa playing in a tournament last year (2014) while still recovering from his Tennis Elbow injury:
  7. What Is It About Golf That Causes Tennis Elbow?

    In this video two golf experts discuss the golf swing alignment errors they believe lead to "Golfer's Elbow" injuries - (although what they're actually referring to is Tennis Elbow, in this case.)
  8. What Causes Golfer's Elbow?
  9. What Causes Golfer's Elbow? [Video] – (Tennis Elbow, Actually) Two golf pros: Don Trahan, “The Swing...
  10. What's The Difference?

    Here's an article from the National Academy of Sports Medicine on the difference between Golfer's and Tennis Elbow as well as assessment and "Corrective Exercise" strategies:
  11. Medical Studies On Golf And Tennis Elbow

    Here's the "hard evidence" from medical studies, statistics and surveys that golfer's do, in fact, seem to suffer Tennis Elbow very frequently (especially amateurs) and that it is a more common injury than the medial elbow tendon injury known as Golfer's Elbow - Or Medial Epicondylitis, in medical terms.
  12. First is my answer to the question on Quora, including several medical references from PubMed and elsewhere:
  13. Here is a key reference to an article published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, offering statistical evidence that Tennis Elbow is 5 times more common in amateur golfers that G. Elbow:
  14. And another from PubMed, stating that Tennis Elbow is the "leading upper extremity injury in amateur golfers."