What Are The Best Exercises For Tennis Elbow?

Exercises are undeniably a key part of Tennis Elbow injury rehab. In this podcast and video, Allen Willette from TennisElbowClassroom.com details the three best exercises and outlines the "smart" way to start.


  1. To make a full, lasting recovery from your Tennis Elbow injury you’ll need several specific wrist / forearm exercises. But is it really a good idea to start doing them all at once? For some, that’s a recipe for re-injury.
  2. What Are The Best Tennis Elbow Exercises?
  3. Learn the three best Tennis Elbowexercises, which one(s) to begin with, and how the "indirect approach" may thebest way to "ease into" your rehab program. (Podcast - same as video):
  4. Also consider what the goals of exercise are when it comes to rehabilitating this kind of injury:
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