Reflections on the life and contributions of the late Teshima Walker, Executive Producer of NPR's Tell Me More. Teshima passed away yesterday after a two-year battle with cancer. Please keep sharing your memories #TeamTeshima

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  1. R.I.P. Teshima Walker. This news saddens me, and reminds me of my mother. Another young, gifted, and black life ended by a form of cancer that is usually preventable and treatable, but usually goes undetected, until it's too late.
  2. God has called another dolphin home , Teshima Walker Izrael. May God comfort your family and friends.
  3. My Phonomenal Soror of whom I have always been SO proud... I know she will be missed in the world of broadcasting, and by all whom she touched.
  4. When I began working at NPR's West Coast Bureau, people kept telling me I reminded them of journalist Teshima Walker Izrael and that I should meet her. Apparently she and I shared a similar sense of humor and sass. I never met Teshima who became executive producer of NPR's Tell Me More. By the time I arrived to NPR, Teshima had left LA. I always heard great things about her. Always. Teshima lost her 2-year battle of cancer at the age of 44. From the outpouring I've seen from the public radio community, I can see she touched many lives. Do something for YOU this weekend. Tomorrow is not promised, so enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your family, your man, your woman, your kids, your friends, quiet time, a movie, the sun, a book, a show. Just enjoy your weekend. And shine wherever you go. Have a blessed weekend everyone!
  5. SAD NEWS: For those people who listen to me on National Public Radio...I was devastated to learn that my dear beloved friend Teshima Walker (executive producer of "Tell Me More" with Michel Martin) passed away today at the age of 44...She was my fellow Chicagoan...She was the first person to put me on the air @ NPR over six years ago...She was my sister...And I will miss her dearly...
  6. Lost a really good friend and NPR colleague this morning. Sending heartfelt condolences to her husband Jimi Israel and to all those close to Teshima Walker. I will truly miss you...
  7. Teshima L. Walker Izrael, one of my best friends in the world, a legendary NPR Producer, Tennessee State University Alum, and beautiful soul, transitioned to the realm of The Ancestors this morning after a bout with Cancer. Forever young and forever an inspiration, we'll all miss you, Teshima. No one will ever perform Nikki Giovanni's "Ego Tripping" like you. Ever. Rest In Peace, my sister.  http://www.npr.org/people/134232730/teshima-walker