#NPRWIT March 11: Ping Fu, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Natalia Oberti Noguera, & Danae Ringelmann

Day 8: 3D printing pioneer Ping Fu shows us a robotic exoskeleton and a hippo-shaped sugar sculpture. Center for Talent Innovation president Sylvia Ann Hewlett talks about her research into the high-tech gender gap. Even more on the radio.


  1. Ping Fu (@pfugeomagic) is the Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of 3D Systems. She earned her current position after the 3D printing company she founded, Geomagic, was acquired by 3D Systems. 

    Sylvia Ann Hewlett (@SAHewlett) is an economist, author, and founding president of the Center for Talent Innovation. Hewlett has written extensively about the gender gap in STEM professions. She and her colleagues recently released a report, "Athena Factor 2.0," about how to accelerate women's talents in high-tech fields. 

    On the radio, Pipeline Fellowship's Natalia Oberti Noguera (@nakisnakis) and Indiegogo's Danae Ringelmann (@gogoDanae) talked about angel investing and crowdfunding as new ways to invest in women. Listen here!
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