December 5: A Day in the life #NPRBlacksinTech

African-American entrepreneurs and techies profile themselves as part of our "A Day in the Life" social media series. Some of the questions they will answer are from young scholars at the Howard University Middle School. Today we curate tweets from James Oliver, Jr., Natalie Cofield & Lola Bakare


  1. You can read about all those contributing here:
  2. James Oliver is the founder and CEO of WeMontage, a website that allows anyone to transform personal photos into professional, custom wallpaper collages. (@JamesOliverJr)

  3. Natalie Madeira Cofield is the president and CEO for the Capital City African-American Chamber of Commerce in Austin, Texas, which focuses on economic development and supplier diversity on behalf of the African-American community in central Texas. She is the founding president of the Black Technology Council, formed to ensure inclusion and support for minority firms in the nation's fastest-growing technology hub. (@NCofield)
  4. Lola Bakare is a strategist in Dell’s Commercial Sales and Enterprise Solutions organization and founder of Gen Y early career advice blog “Winning While Y”. She previously led the development and implementation of Dell’s first consumer focused social media strategy and holds an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business with a specialization in EMT (entertainment/media/technology). @LolaatDell

  5. Some of our questions come from students at Howard University Middle School for Mathematics and Science. Q1: In Middle School how did you put yourself ahead of others?
  6. What is it like to go from concept, to tech startup accelerator, to funding, to execution, to customer validation and beyond?