My #TCEA17 Learning Adventure

Presenting, leading, and learning from the @TechyKilgore point of view!

  1. When attending a conference with a group of educators, it is important to share the learning with collaborative notes. Our team used Google Slides to take notes, plan future teacher training sessions, and share thoughts with one another. Since our team was comprised of administrators, a library media coordinator, and 5 campus iCoaches (who are also classroom teachers), the notes are very eclectic!
  2. The first rule of presenting at TCEA is to have a good session name. The second rule is to ADVERTISE...

  3. Drove down with this crew on Sunday to make the Google Academy on Monday!

  4. Day 1 - Google Academy - Presentation #1

  5. My Presentation :: From Pioneer to Imagineer: Google Expeditions in Commerce ISD

  6. Thankful for supportive friends...
  7. ...and supporting them in return!
  8. Of course you have to share tools with your #cisdtigers peeps...

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