Today in Real Reform & Innovation

1/20/12: What made #realreform types think, cheer & chuckle? A #CATeaching conference, & having way too much fun with #6wordessay at Michelle Rhee's expense.


  1. First, the good stuff:

    Accomplished California Teachers co-hosted a conference with the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) and the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ), called "Teaching Quality & California's Future". (Between this & the education section of Governor Jerry Brown's State of the State address, I'd say California had a great week in education headlines!)
  2. Tweets on the #CATeaching hashtag included thoughts on what's wrong with current policy as well as plenty of bright spots-- both on what's currently good, and great ideas to move forward.
  3. I hope so, too-- and look forward to more in-depth writing and video on the ideas shared at this conference.
  4. Meanwhile, in a world of fewer words, little nuance, less respect and no peer-reviewed research, RheeFirst StudentsFirst announced a six-word essay contest about what makes a great teacher.
  5. Yeah. That makes sense. 'Cause why would a powerful organization use its vast resources to take an in-depth look at what attracts, builds and sustains great teachers, when it can give away iPads in a feel-good exercise in self-promotion?

    If I could raise a billion dollars, I'd give it to schools instead of lobbyists, and give iPads to students and teachers doing real work, like the ones at the #CATeaching conference.

    Fortunately for the status quo, I have no money.
  6. At any rate...Lightning-rod Rhee + Twitter-sized essay framework = #FieldDay. Need I say more?
  7. There were tweets in defense of real teaching: