#1stTimeFS - A Learning Journey

Documenting my teaching of Family Studies for the First Time! Celebrating "First Time" Successes (and learning from Failures)! Tweeting and Learning as I go. Personal reflections are posted below, generally not as tweets. http://outsidethebalks.blogspot.ca/2013/02/a-first-time-for-everything.html


  1. As a side note: This almost NEVER happens in my DT classes (though it does more regularly happen in IT). Why? Must reflect further.
  2. We need to work a bit harder perhaps on the school's Health & Wellness concepts, if this comment is any indication! :)
  3. That was the FUNNIEST thing I overheard the whole period!
  4. In the end I had to stay after school and wash dishes by myself :( and then I had to leave QUICK because we were on Work-To-Rule... not fun... That whole experience reminded me "You get what you check for" ... should have had a better system to ensure that ALL the dishes got done.
  5. Glad I took this picture. Shows all the food before it was devoured! I photocopied all the nutrition info off each package too, before I gave it to my students. Can I tell you how weird it felt to photocopy a loaf of bread???
  6. Weirdest thing I overheard...