1. Saturday, October 3, 2014: Industry Day

  2. Talks: We kicked off Industry Day at Johnson & Wales University with a series of short talks on various food, travel, and tourism topics.
  3. Panel Discussion: After the talks, Gail Ciampa, Food Editor of The Providence Journal, led a panel discussion on food tourism.
  4. Cocktail Reception: We wrapped up Industry Day with a cocktail reception at The Dorrance.

  5. Saturday, October 4, 2014: Foodie Day

  6. Foodies joined us at the Providence Biltmore for a day of tasting foods from around the globe.
  7. Talks: The day began with a series of short talks about cuisines from different regions of the world, including North Carolina, France, Greece, Peru, and the Culinary Arts Museum in Providence.
  8. Edible Sessions: After a series of talks in the Grand Ballroom, we broke into groups for sessions on cuisines from different regions.
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