iPads in VT Classrooms

May 11th conference in Burlington examined how iPads are being used in Vermont's classrooms -- and how they could be used moving forward.


  1. The Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education hosted nearly 80 educators from around Vermont in a day-long series of app-driven workshops and maker challenges. The conference came about after a cohort of educators traveled to Atlanta this spring for the national iPad Summit. The lessons from that event were so powerful that those educators decided to bring the larger Vermont education community together at Edmunds Middle School to share what they learned.

  2. The 13 workshops available covered a wide-range of topics, from an overview of gaming, to iPads in the Science Classroom, and hands-on sessions where participants worked directly with the apps. 
  3. One of the clear fan-favorites among the apps was ExplainEverything:
  4. In between rounds of sessions, teachers broke into groups and were challenged to take on a new app and make something before the buzzer sounded. 

    It was glorious chaos. From the Skitch maker-space:
  5. The StripDesigner session was powered by stuffed animals and ribbons:
  6. Both the workshops and the maker-spaces prompted a lot of great conversations about where next to go with incorporating these devices in teaching.
  7. One popular attraction was our augmented reality gallery, powered by Aurasma: