Immersive Role-Play in the Classroom

This is a project I did with my Spring 2013 English 102 class that involved role-play writing. These are some samples of their work.


  1. This student role-played a criminal defense investigator. For the short story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" she created a case file.
  2. This student role-played a psychological evaluator, but her role had a twist to it: she worked for a top-secret government agency dealing with extra- and super-natural phenomena. In keeping with her role, many of her transcripts are redacted.
  3. This student role-played a Dr. Who-like character: a time and space-traveling blogger from the future. For this post, he visited the events from "The Yellow Wallpaper," taking on the viewpoint of the figure in the wallpaper.
  4. For her final project, this student chose to create a website for a fictional organization, Safe Zone, founded by the main character from "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?", who, it turns out, eventually escaped her kidnappers. She also used an app called Fodey to create a newspaper clipping detailing Connie's escape.
  5. For her final project, this student, who role-played a psychologist, created a bulletin board for the case of Peter and Jerry from "A Zoo Story," which included a video diary of her sessions with Peter, including flashbacks of events being described by the patient.
  6. For their final project, this group, an investigator and a psychologist, collaborated on an evidence board for the case of "Trifles."
  7. For their final project, this group, which included the time-travelling blogger, an investigator, and a psychologist, put together a multi-strand case involving the character Jerry from "A Zoo Story." This involved the blogger accidentally downloading the character into his own mind and returning to the future, where he reenacts the crime.
  8. For this final project, a pair of psychologists created a Prezi outlining their investigation of the case of Jerry and Peter from "A Zoo Story." Because the main suspect, Jerry, is dead, the group created a Facebook page for him that functioned as the focus of their investigation.