Facing impostor syndrome head-on: #tandftalk


  1. Ever feel like an impostor or ‘fraud’, that you don’t deserve your successes, or that chance has played a part in you getting to where you are? You’re not alone. Impostor syndrome is common in academia, but a problem shared is a problem halved. So, we called a twitter discussion to face the issue head-on.
  2. Meet our fabulous panel spanning Australia and the UK… Jonathan O’Donnell, Research Whisperer at the College of Design and Social Context (RMIT University), Lilia Mantai, PhD researcher, Department of Educational Studies (Macquarie University), Katie Wheat, Training and Resources Development Manager at Vitae, and Petra Kolić, PhD researcher and lecturer in the Department of Exercise & Sports Science (Manchester University).
  3. We began by talking about the best bits about working in research. That ‘aha’ moment, talking to people about what they are passionate about, seeing things from a new perspective – so many things to love about research and working with researchers (we recognize these too!)
  4. We moved on to talk about the identity of researchers. Researcher or student – what do individuals normally call themselves? There was variation across the board: 'student', 'researcher', 'individual' and 'research candidate' all came up as answers.