Blade & Soul: PVE and PVP


  1. I used to be a hardcore gamer when I was in high school and college but nowadays, with a full time 9-5 job (where at times I have to stay late or do some work at home), I can't dedicate as much time to MMOs.

    So I'm in B&S closed beta but I haven't started playing it yet, and wanted to know if I could still enjoy it if I choose to only play PVE and ignore PVP as a whole.
    The reason why is because I'm the kind of person that if I start PVP with some Blade & Soul Gold, I'll want to keep improving and improving to rise up in rankings. I want to avoid that because I don't have the time to dedicate myself to PVP.

    BnS as far as I know does have a decent amount of PvE combat, but it's known more for it's great combat and PvP.

    Have you tried more well established PvE focused games like Wildstar or FFXIV? Then again, those are also PvE games that have raids, which I don't know if you want to commit to either. There's also Tree of Savior which seems good for your schedule. PvE grinding that you can do anytime you want.

    I started off with a warrior and am now a highlander lv38. I remembering autoattacking probably 90% of the time while I was waiting for my skills to go on cooldown. Then the SP recovery rate frustrated me. I could use probably 6 skills and then I'll run out of SP and will have to resort to running around and jump/autoattacking. So I stopped and I'm going to wait until full release comes out and give it a try again.

    I just recently downloaded the trial for FFXIV. Make sure you put the graphics on max in the settings. Also, in the launcher settings, you can switch the game to Direct X11 which looks better. Once you've done these things, you'll be amazed by the look of the game with Blade & Soul Power leveling. I honestly am not too big a fan of tab targeting but I still keep playing it because the locations are amazing :D When looking at videos on YouTube, I wasn't too impressed. But after picking up the trial, I've realized how great it looks. It's not on the same level as black desert but it's the second best looking MMO in my opinion.