Blade & Soul: DN Comes with Mobility


  1. No game is as realistic as reality itself but approaching the realism is what makes the game advances nowadays. Looking back at many of those old MMOs, no one really prefer it anymore, at least not me, what left behind from those old MMOs is the sense of nostalgia, which is only there to deceive my own thought about being good quality.

    But still, do think carefully, over half of the skills in DN comes with mobility on its own, the best class that you mentioned of staying on ground would the Priest class, but their skill animations are supposed to make them do so.

    DN PvP do not wait until you finish up your BNS Gold, as we know, every classes have their own counter skill mechanism. Each skill also has its own SuperArmor value and SuperArmor Break Value to understand more of the skills.

    I've checked Blade and Soul KR PvP tournament, yes it is fast but where is the counter, all I have see is the one sided & repetitive of the same combo trend because Blade and Soul system makes you to do so..

    I do rather watch a DN Pro Gladiator PvP fight than a Blade and Soul PvP final tournament video.

    The only bright side of the skill system that I can look for is that it offers better customisation in skill build, which is definitely excellent.

    Anyway those are not really the main issue about Blade and Soul though.

    The main issue of auto targeting is not only about how it will reduce the action intensity but also, automated single target skills may hit the wrong enemy, especially when the enemies are moving in crowd. Assume that it is with the manual aiming, I could have aim exactly where I wanted to. Hitting an escaping enemy with manual aim often gives more satisfaction than the auto.

    The enemy disabling skills at some point is fine, but sometimes you know, different impacts onto user should have been apply for each different hit, it's so funny whenever I got kneeled down and taking the axe hit like no impact at all, just that my character head is shaking violently.

    Perhaps Blade and Soul PvP is too simplified for my liking but as a player who prefers PvP more, I somehow like Blade and Soul's PvE and its raid mechanism but sadly over doing raid only brings boredom, and you may need Blade & Soul Power leveling. after all, the enemies are nothing but AI.

    But since this is not my first time in Blade and Soul as I'm fluent in CN, regardless that, I do hope Blade and Soul could learn about the pros of DN, staying on the same spot and not improving is bad, DN has proved that with their failure in balancing issue.