The Mother Lovin' News - 08.30.2017

Captain Awesome shares his quick reactions to the news of the week in the world of professional wrestling.


  1. This is super sad. Pay attention, aspiring wrestlers; don't jump at the first chance to get in ANY ring. Do your research and find a credible operation; you know, like one that can actually be commissioned to safely put on shows.

  2. I don't think we're completely in the clear with the health of Ric Flair yet, but it seems like there is steady improvement each day, so that's hopeful. Until I'm proved otherwise, I'm going to firmly believe that diamonds are forever, and so is RIC FLAIR! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

  3. Next week we get a #1 Contenders Match to see who loses in a rematch for the WWE World Title! Isn't that exciting? How much money can I win by betting that the Singh Brothers interfere, forcing a Triple Threat?

  4. Xavier Woods out for a month with a sprained MCL. With a three-man team like the New Day, there should be no reason he loses any steam or popularity. Who else is ready to see the New Day move on like The Shield did?
  5. Watch video of the injury below:
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  7. Damaging your surgically repaired neck sounds like a great reason to hang them up. Santino was so much fun in WWE. I miss so much of the humor that he brought. Thanks for the memories Santino!

  8. It feels like we can't go two hours without hearing another story about how everyone thinks Enzo Amore is an asshole. I see a lot of potential in Enzo, I hope he can learn to tone it down a little bit.

  9. Sexy Star sure made a mess of things for herself, huh? If it's true that she went rogue and tried to injure and shoot fight people in the ring, she may as well start brushing up on her web-design skills because she's got no future in pro wrestling.

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  11. This week, on Episode 214 we'll be interviewing Punishment Martinez!