Gangtok Hill station in North India


  1. Gangtok Tourism

    Gangtok is said to be a municipality and it is the capital of Sikkim andthe largest town also. Northeast India Travel Packages - Gangtok is located at eastern Himalayan ranges at anaverage altitude of 1650 m. People living there belong to different ethnicssuch as Bhutia, Nepalis and lepchas. Gangtok is considered as the centre ofSikkim tourism industry. The actual meaning of the name gangtok is unclear butthe most famous meaning of this word is “Hill top”. The town is located at oneside of a hill called the “Ridge”. This city is edge on east and west by twobrooks Ranikhola and Roro chu. These two flowing streams divide naturaldrainage into two parts. Most parts of the Sikkim are inclined with Precambrianrocks which contains Schists and foliated phyllites. Kanchenjunga the world’sthird highest peak is visible from Sikkim. Gangtok Sikkim faces five seasons’summer, winter, monsoon, autumn and summer. During autumn and spring theweather is normally mild and sunny. current affairs 2015 It also faces fog during the winter monthsand monsoons. The best time to see gangtok is spring and summer season its oneof the most popular tourist season.

    Gangtok is very famous for its tourist activities like river rafting,mountaineering, trekking and other nature oriented activities. Mountainousterrain in Sikkim results in lack of air or and train links, which limits thearea ready for rapid industrial development. The growing economy of gangtokdoesn’t have a large manufacturing base, but has a good cottage industry in making watches, handicrafts and country made alcohol. The handicrafts arehandmade paper industry made from various vegetable fibres or cotton rags.


    NewJalpaiguri is the major railway station closest to gangtok. Most of the touristtakes railways as the means of transport to reach gangtok because it proves asa cheap way to reach there. New jalpaiguri is only 126km from gangtok.


    Bagdodrais the closest airport from gangtok and connects several cities of India tothis city. Bagdodra is 124km from gangtok.

    Roadwayis also a good option to reach gangtok but it takes a lot of time. These threeroutes from NJP, siliguri and bagdodra meet the sevoke road which leads toNational highway NH31A.

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