Who should we interview on the first TYT on @current TV? #TYTonTV

Over @TheYoungTurks, we asked the TYT Nation who we should interview first on Current's new TV show, "The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur." Tune in Monday, December 5 at 7/6c to see who joins us.

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  1. On Twitter and in our Facebook poll, there was an overwhelming desire to see U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama stop in for the first show. 
  2. Meanwhile, a few others thought it might be great to have Current TV chairman Al Gore come in and help get the nightly show started off right.
  3. Since there's been so much Occupy Wall Street coverage on "The Young Turks," some viewers suggested we continue in that thread. The roundtable discussion idea is one of our favorites.
  4. But your ideas aren't limited to these three major suggestions. Here are some of the other names and ideas you've sent our way today: