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Yogurt: It's a Woman Thing, You Wouldn't Understand


  1. At 10:34 am on 9 Sept 2012, @Scicurious tweeted (really sorry, I can't figure out how to embed this tweet):

    "Open letter to commercials targeting women: ;… So true. I express my own uniqueness through feminine care products. "
  2. (The bolding is mine.)
    You must go read that article NOW!
    @GertyZ tweeted the same article and also replied to @Scicurious
  3. And we were all off and running!
  4. Well now, that's something to look into! I am certain I have not been nearly worried enough about my vaginal fairness.
  5. Depressingly, there will come the day when we all need something like a Poise pad, or worse. #oldagesucks But I am seriously not going to worry about "feeling confident" in my bladder leakage years with panty fresheners and feminine wash. There will be no equivalent of an Air Wick Stick-Up on the bottom of my pantaloons.

    Let's change the subject.