Battlers react to Dizaster vs. Arcane

Dizaster may have lost the King of the Dot chain, but in the court of public opinion, most of his peers have rallied around him. That being said, a handful of battlers were less than enthused with Dizaster's temper tantrum and sided with the new champ, Arcane.


  1. Those battlers who sided with Dizaster generally did so for one of two reasons: (1) they genuinely felt that Dizaster outperformed Arcane, regardless of the surrounding drama; or (2) they felt that Dizaster took an automatic victory after Arcane was exposed for purchasing rhymes from Caustic. Here is a collection of pro-Dizaster reactions:
  2. A smaller portion of battlers felt that Arcane took the W -- or that Dizaster simply wasn't on his A-game.
  3. While most of the vitriol was directed at Arcane, Hollohan and U.K. battler Arkaic directed their pot-shots at Dizaster:
  4. Much criticism has been directed at KOTD's judges for giving Arcane the victory. The main criticism has been that all but one judge (Shotty Horroh, who voted for Dizaster) was Canadian, and that somehow Arcane benefited from a hometown bias. Some of the judges have aired out their positions via Twitter: