Flying down to Rio

A team of 15 Centennial College sports journalism students and five faculty and staff members travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a unique cultural and sporting experience - to tell the story of Canadians competing in the 2016 Paralympic Games.


  1. The team left Toronto Sept. 3, rested and ready to take on Rio de Janeiro and the Paralympics. Centennial president, and eager tweeter, Ann Buller, joined the excursion.
  2. A day later, it was all aboard the media bus from the hotel in Rio for the first official order of business - collect the media credentials.
  3. After more than two weeks, dozens of stories, photos and videos, and more than 1,000 tweets, the team returned to Toronto. The students did stellar work recording the athletic achievements of Canada's Paralympians. Here's a brief record of how they did it.
  4. Preparation was key - in the media centre and the hotel lobby.
  5. The opening ceremony was a big deal - and it was work.
  6. The ceremony, in fact, the entire trip, could be a pretty good draw for future students.
  7. A day later, the events began with Centennial students on the job at the pool ...
  8. ... the track ...
  9. ... and in the media centres.
  10. The work went on at the Story Arts Centre in Toronto, too.
  11. At home and away, it was always about the story.