Week In Sketches, Sept. 16-23

A weekly roundup of timely worldwide sketches, curated by newspaper artist and Urban Sketchers founder Gabriel Campanario.

  1. A ritme de Jazz a Girona - Kenny Garrett
    A ritme de Jazz a Girona - Kenny Garrett
  2. ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Let's start on a high note. Grammy Award-winning American saxophonist Kenny Garrett opened the 13th Girona Jazz Festival with a worldwide presentation of his new album 'Pushing the World Away'. The sold-out show delighted more than 400 people in the audience, said local sketcher Cristina Curtó, who made this sketch from her front row seat. See more sketches on her blog. The Festival continues through Sept. 29.
  3. German Elections, by Omar Jaramillo
    German Elections, by Omar Jaramillo
  4. WORLD POLITICS: Did you follow Sunday's elections in Germany? Let us give you the headlines just in case: The conservative bloc led by Angela Merkel won. The Green Party didn't. In fact, the Green Party did so poorly that his leaders have resigned. Omar Jaramillo sketched two of them, Jürgen Trittin and Katrin Göring-Eckardt, at Columbiahalle when they spoke after the election results were announced. That makes his sketches the more historic. See more on his blog.
  5. International Auto Show Frankfurt
    International Auto Show Frankfurt
  6. MOTOR NEWS: We have to agree with German sketcher Florian Afflerbach that the slogan of this year's International Auto Show, which closed Sunday in Frankfurt, sounded a bit strange: "The World's Most Automobile Show." Come again? Anyhow, whatever that means, we can't get enough of Afflerbach's sketches of cars. Although he only started bringing his sketchbook to the car show in recent years, he has been attending since 1987. It's the best place to see concept cars, he said. The rest of the cars, "you can already find on the streets." Follow Afflerbach's work on his site.
  7. SPORTS: A record 32,000 people participated in the 23rd edition of the Montreal Marathon, and, guess what? For the first time since 1989, a Canadian won! About time, right? Local sketcher Julia Bolchakova captured the scene of people cheering the runners (in French and English,) guys in rain ponchos distributing energy drinks, water and bananas; and a volunteer sweeping empty cups and banana peels away from under the runners' feet. Don't miss Bolchakova's full report on her blog.
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