Bad Teacher?

Students weigh in on online photos of former Martin County High School English teacher Donna Sprauer. The aspiring model said she was forced to resign April 29, but a district statement didn't say.

  1. Who the hell is Mrs.Sprauer? I feel like I missed something at school today
  2. @Bru290 she's a teacher that got fired for inappropriate pictures on Instagram and twitter
  3. It was my last day teaching high school today. Well, I should say last ten minutes. Here's to modeling! Much love to all my fans! Vic
  4. @AyyBeezyB you haven't been hearing about this.. Everybody has been talking bout it. She just got fired 2 days ago
  5. It makes sense when I saw mrs sprauer crying in the front office last week
  6. @sternshow I am a high school English teacher who got fired today for my modeling photos on FB! Would love to be on your show! Vic
  7. Editor's note: The above tweet refers to shock jock Howard Stern.
  8. Ms sprauer has a nicer body than Amanda Bynes
  9. Emotionally depressed that I never got to have Sprauer as a Teacher👌🙌😢
  10. Damn I had ms sprauer everyday. They better get a good substitute.
  11. I think the ms sprauer thing is really disturbing😷
  12. Looking at Sprauer's Instagram "modeling" pictures in marketing and Mr U goes "That's just odd" lmao
  13. Still love Sprauer. By far my favorite teacher hands down!!
  14. When your favourite teacher is fired for the stupidest reason #Mrs.Sprauer
  15. Only at Martin County would a teacher get fired for being a swimsuit model