Opening of the TCC/Virginia Beach Joint-Use Library

The 125,000-square foot building houses a collection exceeding 128,000 items, includes an interactive children’s room and 200 computers for drop-in use, and extends more services to the TCC campus and the community than either could offer separately.

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  1. TCC/Virginia Beach Joint-Use Library Dedication
  2. So this is where my tuition went?! This new library looks pretty cool...
  3. All I can say is "WOW." This #library rocks! Thanks #tcc and #vb for building this in our community.… BlS3/
  4. Just me in the library this morning. I guess I'm the only one who does their homework an hour before class #tcc #letsusbeus #library
  5. Finally made it to the Joint Library with my Disciple Dijah :) #Nice #TakingATour #TCC #GettingOurStudyOn
  6. A little Starbucks and getting lost in the stacks.
  7. Working with the backdrop of a rainy day through glass walls #melancholyphoto