Are Gay Rights Considered Human Rights in America?

As our president continues to tweet controversial thoughts, America becomes increasingly resistant to the alt-right community. During America's time of desperation, are we considering gay rights and the rights of minorities to be human rights?


  1. Donald Trump tweeted "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" yesterday, but who are we making America great for?
  2. Of course, many people don't support his disapproval of gay rights and marriage.
  3. Donald Trump is making America great again by only doing right by the wealthy, straight, Caucasian Americans, but in doing so, he's created a separation between those who believe in equality for everyone and those who don't believe in equality for everyone.
  4. Luckily for us, most people already support rights for the LGBTQAA+ community and are actively educating and fighting back against ignorance.
  5. Can Trump outlaw gay marriage? BBC News
  6. No matter what, we are all humans. We all need to stick together, and we can't let someone take that away from us.
  7. So, Donald Trump wants to Make America Great Again, but let's make it great for EVERYONE.