Climate Change: Does America Believe in It?

Climate change has always been a controversial topic in the media, but do we have enough evidence to convince America that it's real?


  1. The entire world has been experiencing climate change. As the temperature of the world continues to rise, we will endure more rainfall, longer and more damaging wildfires and more air pollution than we ever had in the last sixty years.
  2. Many people agree that climate change is as real as the science behind it,
  3. #Art #Rio #birthdayweekend #earth #climatechange
    #Art #Rio #birthdayweekend #earth #climatechange
  4. An example of the increasingly dangerous climate change our world faces is the rapid decrease in bees. Bees pollinate the flowers and help the environment grow in a way that we could never do as humans. Without bees, other animals will die off from starvation and eventually that can lead to the extinction of humans.
  5. Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic
  6. Many people realize that our president doesn't acknowledge it,
  7. and many people believe that climate change is fake because they don't see a significant change right away.
  8. Climate change is affecting our ecosystem as well as our food source and there is not much our planet will be able to do if people continue to ignore the facts that sit right in front of them.