Swimming Pool Fencing - An Essential for Swimming Pool Owners

If you are pool owner in NSW then you need to make sure that your swimming pools are fenced for kids and pets safety. It is the law.


  1. NSW Pool Compliance - Providing Pool Compliance Certificates from 29 April 2014
  2. Residential swimming pool owners are legally responsible for ensuring that their pool or spa complies...
  3. Besides legal requirements these fences prevent drowning death and post incident regrets and trauma. 
  4. There are a number of options available for swimming pool fencing such as frameless glass fencing, semi-frameless fencing and regular aluminium pool fencing. 
  5. Our fencing products include frameless glass pool fences, semi-frameless glass pool fences and glass...
  6. Semi frameless Glass pool fencing using 10mm toughened safety glass and powder-coated aluminium posts...
  7. Frameless glass pool fencing offers the best combination of safety, looks and aesthetics to the owner increasing the value of the property besides getting wows from visitors and home occupants. While there may be concerns that frameless glass pool fence is not strong, we at SydWest Fencing have uploaded videos on Youtube demonstrating the stength of toughened glass used in these pool fences. 
  8. How strong is frameless glass pool fencing
  9. Frameless glass pool fence panel slamming on ground
  10. We at Sydwest Fencing offer fencing solutions across the entire spectrum of pool fencing options. Contact us for an obligation free quote and discuss about the options available in your particular circumstances.