Facebok for Nonprofit Organizations: A Crash Course from the Experts!

Facebook is an excellent tool for Nonprofit Organizations to connect with there audience. I have compiled some helpful information from experts on this topic in an effort to organize the breadth of information in a more cohesive manner.


  1. Social Media allows for two way communication between organizations and their audiences. Facebook, goes one step further and enables relationship to be built and grow among [nonprofit] organizations and their audiences. Other forms of social media serve other vital roles, but this is where Facebook really outshines the rest. We will take a more in depth look at the differences between Facebook and other forms of social media later.
  2. For now, It is important to understand the basics of how to create a Facebook Page for your organization. Who better to do this that the "Nonprofit Facebook Guy" himself, John Haydon.
  3. John Haydon, the has also created a series of informative YouTube videos specifically instructing nonprofit organizations on all kinds of helpful information. Such as how to create a Facebook page from scratch to a video tour of the brand new Facebook timeline.
  4. Facebook Tutorials For Nonprofits
  5. Now that we know how to create a Facebook Page (and then some) it is also important to make sure that the page serves it's intended purpose; to further the nonprofits reach of their message for their particular cause while gaining more traffic to the organizations website. Rosita Cortez explains some of the best practices an organization can do in order to make sure their organizations page is effective.
  6. As Rosita said, "creating an engaging profile page is a must..." The good people over at Mashable.com have offered an excellent information on how nonprofit organizations could maximize their engagement with their fans on Facebook. As previously mentioned, Facebook allows for relationships to foster and personal connections to be made.
  7. John Haydon, once again, has valuable insight on the issue of engagement among nonprofits and their audience. One way of doing this is through Facebook comments. Facebook comments, unlike "Likes," are more difficult to accumulate. This is because they require enough enthusiasm from fans to want to take the time out their busy lives to write a comment. Here are some tips to getting those much needed comments.
  8. Although engagement it very important it is also important to make sure that your Facebook page is reaching a wide audience. Heather Mansfield, the author of Social Media for Social, explains 5 ways to grow your nonprofits Facebook page. Once again, it is important that all the time that is put in to making a quality Facebook profile is reflected in the number of fans that page has. 
  9. Mari Smith is a Facebook marketing expert who gives a few tips on how to make sure you can maximize the shares your content or page receives.
  10. Mari Smith has also created a Storify of her own, which is a compilation of the best marketing resources available on Facebook. Though they are not specific to the nonprofit sector, they are still very helpful.
  11. Jeff Bullas is a social media marketing consultant, among his many other titles, who has created a comprehensive 5 step Facebook marketing strategy. Unfortunately, it is not cooperating with Storify at this time, but the URL is still included below. It is a valuable tool for any organization who has the painstaking work of creating a full Facebook marketing strategy with a nonprofits budgetary restrictions. 

  12. Inside Facebook is the lead source for news and analysis pertaining to Facebook's worldwide growth, product innovation and corporate development. They have offered a great resource for all nonprofits who wish to include donations as well as other beneficial tips and tricks that will help your nonprofit organization's page stand out among the rest.
  13. I highly recommend viewing this slideshare slideshow as well as sharing it with other members of your nonprofit organizations staff. Compass Point has done an excellent job laying out the best Facebook practices for nonprofit organizations in a visual pleasing and thorough way.
  14. Though this next article, written by expert blogger Simon Mainwaring, was not available in it's entirety; I felt it was important to include. Mainwaring lists some of the major advantages of Facebook as a social media channel for nonprofits..
  15. The founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark, has created an infographic illustrating how the Top 50 Nonprofits are using Social Media to further their message. As in the previous post the American Red Cross is mentioned, it is just interesting to note their astounding number of both their Facebook fans and their Twitter followers. It is also important to notice that 92% of all nonprofits pages have a social media link on their web site.